NHL 2009 2nd Round Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions

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The 2009 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs have made it through the 1st round with some surprise upsets and some sound beatings, including the reigning Stanley Cup champs, the Detroit Red Wings manhandling the Blue Jackets in the 1st round. The 2009 2nd Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs should be filled with some great matchups and some exciting hockey.  My picks went 5-3 in the 1st round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.  I offer my 2009 2nd round Playoff predictions below, and my 3rd round predictions and Stanley Cup Final predictions as well will follow, so we’ll see how well my predictions fare. Stay tuned to updates for the NHL Playoffs as well as NHL draft news by subscribing to the Ultimate Hockey Warrior:

Western Conference 2009 NHL Playoff 2nd Round MatchUps

2. Detroit Red Wings (defeated Columbus 4-0)
6. Anaheim Ducks (defeated the San Jose Sharks 4-2)

A series with some history. Expect a very tight series with two experienced and playoff tested teams.  Older defensive stalwarts will be highlighted in this series, with Pronger and Niedermayer for the Ducks and Lidstrom for the Wings.  Both teams have the capacity to score big, with Getzlap, Perry, Selanne and Ryan for the Ducks, and Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Hossa and Franzen for the Wings.  In the end the Red Wings depth offensively and defensively wins out. Detroit wins the playoffs series 4-3

3. Vancouver Canucks (defeated the Blues 4-0)
4. Chicago Blackhawks (defeated the Flames 4-2)

The Canucks easily beat the Blues behind outstanding goaltending from Roberto Luongo and timely scoring from a number of players.  The Hawks beat a good Flames team in 6 games and despite their young team age, they have some veterans that offer solid leadership and playoff experience.  The question in this series will be goaltending.  Will Lungo be as good as he was in the 1st round, and can Khabibulin carry his team to the next round.  Both teams have big, strong and mobile defenseman and good speed up front.  This one could definitely go the full 7 games.  Chicago wins the playoffs series 4-3

Eastern Conference 2009 NHL Playoff 2nd Round MatchUps

1. Boston Bruins (beat Montreal 4-0)
6. Carolina Hurricanes (beat Devils 4-3)

The Boston Bruins are flying.  They ruined the Canadians 100 year anniversary without even blinking.  This team is as solid as they come with 4 solid lines, outstanding defense, and a world-class goalie with Tim Thomas.  The Hurricanes are a solid team, though not nearly as talented or deep as the Bruins.  They are clutch though and know how to turn it on in important situations.  The Canes wont quite have enough this time around. Bruins wins the playoffs series 4-2

2. Washington Capitals (defeated the Rangers 4-3)
4. Pittsburgh Penguins (defeated the Flyers 4-2)

The Washington Capitals took 7 games to beat the Rangers in a tough grinding series.  The Rangers did a good job of containing Mike Green and Alexander Ovechkin and at times were able to take advantage of a rookie goaltender.  The Capitals are fast and gritty and have the best hockey player on their side.  The Penguins are loaded up front as well with Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.  This series should feature some high scoring and physical games.  The difference maker will be the goaltender . . . and in this case, Pittsburgh has Marc-Andre Fleury who will end up winning this series for the Penguins.   Pittsburgh wins the playoffs series 4-3

Check out the complete 2nd round Playoff Schedule

Stay tuned to updates for the NHL Playoffs as well as NHL draft news by subscribing to the Ultimate Hockey Warrior.

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One comment on “NHL 2009 2nd Round Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions

  1. I agree with all except Chicago. Canucks take this. Look at Bulin’s stats lifetime versus Chicago and in the past five years. HORRIBLE. Flames couldn’t solve him because he owned them. The shoe is on the other foot in this series though. 7-1 for me in the first round, missing the pathetic Sharks. Good luck.

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