2009 NHL Draft Lottery Teams Announced

April 14th, 2009 | Posted by admin in NHL Draft

The NHL 2009 Entry Draft Lottery continues for the bottom 14 teams in the NHL. The NHL entry draft lottery for 2009 will be held this Tuesday, April 14 at 8 pm eastern on TSN, Versus and the NHL Network. The 2009 NHL draft lottery allows the bottom 5 teams a shot at the top overall pick. The consensus number one pick this year is unclear with talented players John Tavares and Viktor Hedman battling for the top spot in the NHL draft this year.

The way the NHL 2009 draft lottery will work is it will give the bottom 5 teams (the Kings, Lightning, Thrashers, Avalanche and Islanders have clinched the bottom 5) a shot at winning the overall #1 pick. However, once the final positions are determined, each team can move up to #1 draft pick, but they cannot move down more 1 overall spot. The NHL draft lottery does protect the team’s positions for their awfulness during the regular season.

The New York Islanders won the Draft Lottery. It is thought that John Tavares will be the #1 overall pick in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft held this summer in Montreal.

NHL 2009 Entry Draft Lottery Winners

1. New York Islanders
2. Colorado Avalanche
3. Tampa Bay Lightning
4. Atlanta Thrashers
5. Los Angeles Kings
6. Phoenix Coyotes
7. Toronto Maple Leafs
8. Dallas Stars
9. Ottawa Senators
10. Edmonton Oilers
11. Nashville Predators
12. Minnesota Wild
13. Buffalo Sabers
14. Florida Panthers

Stay tuned for the rest of the draft order for teams 1-14. I will be updating this post with the finalized NHL draft orders as they are announced. You can easily bookmark this page by pressing Ctrl + D on your keyboard.

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