Jaromir Jagr Signs with Russia Team Avangard Omsk

July 7th, 2008 | Posted by admin in International Hockey

Jaromir Jagr has said goodbye to the NHL and will go play in the Continental Hockey League in Russia with the Avangard Omsk.  Jagr signed the contract with the Russian team and will make $5 million tax free a year, over the next two years.  Jagr had his worst year in the NHL in 16 years as he barely managed to break the 70 point barrier.  He did pick up his play towards the end of the season and played with a lot of passion as the Rangers tried to go deep into the playoffs.

Jagr reportedly received a number of offers from NHL teams, including the biggest offer which came from Edmonton.  In the end, Jagr thanked the Rangers and all the teams that bid on his services, and packed his stuff to go play in Russia.  You never know, Jagr may be back in the NHL, but I have a feeling his playing days in the NHL are over.  I see him playing these 2 years in Russia before finishing his career in his native Czech Republic.

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