Stanley Cup Finals Predictions – NHL 2008 Playoffs

May 20th, 2008 | Posted by admin in nhl playoffs

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The Pittsburgh Penguins will meet the Detroit Red Wings in the Stanley Cup Finals in the 2008 NHL Playoffs. The Stanley Cup finals begins Saturday for the two teams who dominated their ways into the finals. The Red Wings lost 4 games and the Penguins lost just 2 so far in the 2008 hockey playoffs. I will offer my Stanley Cup Finals Predictions below, but first a little info about each team.

2. Pittsburgh Penguins – A dominant team out of the Eastern Conference played well all year long with Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin leading the way. They picked up some major scoring punch in Marion Hossa at the trade deadline, and Hossa has played incredible on a line with Crosby. Marc-Andre Fleury was untested heading into the playoffs and a lot of people doubted his ability to come through in the playoffs, but he has been stellar so far with 3 shutout and only 2 losses in the playoffs.

1. Detroit Red Wings – The Red Wings are led by a great group of players. Datsyuk and Zetterberg are machines and can score from anywhere on the ice in any situation. The Wings have a deep forward lineup that boasts a lot of skill and speed. Their defense is led by Lidstrom, but he is backed up by a solid core of veterans and young guys who know what it takes to win the Stanley Cup. Chris Osgood has been outstanding in the nets since he replaced Hasek in the 1st round.

My Stanley Cup Finals Predictions has the Detroit Red Wings beating the Pittsburgh Penguins in 7 games. I think this will be a great series, but as Gretzky has said in the past, you need to know what it feels like to lose before you can win. I think the Wings experience will beat the Penguins energy in this series.

Here is the schedule for the 2008 Stanley Cup Finals:

Saturday, May 24 8 p.m. Pittsburgh at Detroit
Monday, May 26 8 p.m. Pittsburgh at Detroit
Wednesday, May 28 8 p.m. Detroit at Pittsburgh
Saturday, May 31 8 p.m. Detroit at Pittsburgh
Monday, June 2 * 8 p.m. Pittsburgh at Detroit
Wednesday, June 4 * 8 p.m. Detroit at Pittsburgh
Saturday, June 7 * 8 p.m. Pittsburgh at Detroit

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14 comments on “Stanley Cup Finals Predictions – NHL 2008 Playoffs

  1. kyle tant on said:

    go red wings but devils r better

  2. Wicked on said:

    Well if the Devils were better they might be there instead of the Pens.

  3. not even close, men with boys like last year, wings in 5

  4. I like the ‘men vs boys’ statement! I agree, too much experience on Detroit and as posted earlier ‘you need to know how it feels to lose’. Too much defense for pens to penetrate effectively. Pens are not going to be able to dump and chase very well either. Watch for Detroits magic line to EXPLODE into the pens zone and score at will! Hats off to the pens young guns. They have made a heck of a run and silenced a lot of critics. Unfortunately, it’s getting late and it’s time to put the kids to bed.

    Detroit in 5

  5. RED WINGED BOY on said:

    lets go wing!!!

  6. stev on said:

    well my prediction is penguin but i really don’t know in what game it will be maybe penguin in 6

  7. stev on said:

    penguin will win the stanley cup

  8. Pens in 7

  9. Derick on said:

    Good Damn Game Pens Got This Game

  10. greatdayforhockey on said:

    Time will tell but I expect a split in the first 2 games then the Pens putting the icing on the cake with 2 wins at home.Would love to see them clinch at home in Game 6 but think it will be Game 5 in Detroit. Then all the “old” men can go home and let the young guns party thru out the night

  11. Wicked on said:

    Wings sure looked good tonight. The only time the Pens really had chances tonight was when they were on the Power Play. The score could have easily been 7-0 tonight if not for Fleury

  12. Zach, where are ya? enlighten me more about how great the pens D is and how much depth they have. Looks like they have 0 scoring lines not 3. If I was a betting man I would bet that you haven’t won many hockey bets!! Just playing. I expect the young guns to come out blazing on Wednesday. If Detroit can keep up then I’m taking the over if its less than 6. Should be a goal fest in Pittsburgh.

  13. Mike on said:

    The wings are too strong in all aspects of the game. Their defense has proved dominating, and offensive had been relentless. The Pens have had a good run, but its time for Sid and friends to sit down because the big red machine is just too much.

  14. Jonathan on said:

    soo far detroit leads the series 3-1. and game 5 starts tonight

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