NHL 2008 3rd Round Playoff Predictions – NHL Conference Divsion Finals

May 5th, 2008 | Posted by admin in nhl playoffs

The 2008 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs have now gone through 2 exciting rounds. After the 2nd round, we are now left with 4 teams remaining, competing for a chance to fight for the Stanley Cup. The Eastern Conference Finals will be played exclusively in Pennsylvania, as the Pittsburgh Penguins go head to head with the Philadelphia Flyers. The Western Conference Divsion Finals has the #1 ranked Detroit Red Wings playing against a surprising Dallas Stars team. The 2008 3nd Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs should be filled with some great matchups and some exciting hockey. I will offer my 2008 Conference Finals round Playoff predictions below, and I will also add my Stanley Cup Finals predictions as well, and we’ll see how well my predictions fare. Stay tuned to updates for the NHL Playoffs as well as NHL draft news by subscribing to the Ultimate Hockey Warrior:

Western Conference Final NHL Playoff 3nd Round MatchUps

1. Detroit Red Wings (defeated Avalanche 4-0)
5. Dallas Stars (defeated Sharks 4-2)

The Red Wings are coming off a true beating of the Colorado Avalanche. They are getting scoring from their big guys, as well as from guys who didnt put up a ton of goals in the regular season. Johan Franzen score 9 goals in the 2nd round alone vs. the Avs. The Stars up set the Ducks in the 1st round, and took out a talented Sharks team in the 2nd round. The Stars are getting scoring from all 4 lines and are being backstopped by one Marty Turco, one of the best goalies in the NHL. The Red Wings are too fast and too good for the Stars and their defense.

I see this game going 6 games. The Detroit Red Wings will win the 2008 NHL Playoff Western Conference Final 4-2

Eastern Conference Final NHL Playoff 3nd Round MatchUps

2. Pittsburgh Penguins (defeated Rangers 4-1)
6. Philadelphia Flyers (defeated Canadiens 4-1)

The Penguins made their series over the Rangers look easy. The Penguins have only lost 1 game in the 2008 NHL Playoffs with Malkin and Crosby leading the way. The Flyers dismantled the #1 seed with a brand of tough hockey and timely scoring. The Flyers are not making any mistakes when they find themselves with a good scoring chance. These two teams will match up well against each other in terms of speed and physical play. Crosby and Malkin put the Penguins overtop and will lead the Penguins to victory. The Penguins will win in 6 games.

Stay tuned to updates for the NHL Playoffs as well as NHL draft news by subscribing to the Ultimate Hockey Warrior.

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11 comments on “NHL 2008 3rd Round Playoff Predictions – NHL Conference Divsion Finals

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  3. couldn’t agree more! Franzen will quickly hit a wall this series…Turco will force this to 6 games. Detroit looks unstoppable.
    Det 4-2

    I expect the diving Crosby to post good #’s and draw lots of penalty play opportunities for the pens. Stall is playing outstanding and I’m sure he will continue!!
    Briere and Richards will continue to post #’s but not sure that prospal or umberger can expect the same success against Gonchar, Whitney or Fluery. If Biron stays hot he will keep philly around until game 6 but I expect him to get rattled quickly.

    pens 4-1

  4. Wicked on said:

    I still feel that the Penguin’s one weak spot is defense. If the Flyers could wear down the Pens D then the Flyers may pull it off. Especially if the Penguins lose a defenseman or two to injury, it could be the end of the Pens.

  5. Holzen on said:


  6. Dray on said:

    I think the Flyers are gonna win it. Dont ask me why. They’ll win it in 4 games. ONe reason i think is because their name alone is something a penguin cant do.

  7. Keith R on said:

    I havent agreed with you much through out these playoff with the exception of round one and Detrot. It will be a rematch of the 1997 Stanley Cups Finals Detroit in 6 over Flyers

  8. NHL Zach on said:

    First, Dray you are an idiot. What the hell is a Flyer anyway? A thing that flies? Secondly, can we finally all start to give the Penguins the recognition they deserve? All I seem to have read are people doubting the Penguins. They don’t have defense, Flurey is shaky, Crosby dives… lets all take a minute now and note the 12-2 playoff record. That being said the Penguins have been my clear favorite this playoff since the start and I have watched many of their games this year. I have also watched more Redwing games. I’ll let all you betting type in on something, the Penguins and east is much better:
    -Penguins defense is a better defense (not so much offensivly, it’s just solid.
    -The goaltending is equal, both superb.
    -The Penguins offense is dominant over Detroit. Redwings have three great offensive players, we all know who they are, but Pittsburgh has 3 scoring lines, and a fourth that still manages to score when needed. That is scary.

    If Detroit pulls out of the West, which they will, Dallas is not coming back:

    Pens in 5

  9. wow, easy penguin Zach…You have not watched enough of Detroit or the Penguins it seems. Detroit’s defense obliterates the pens defense. The best D on the pens is coming from their top forwards racing back. How long do you think they can keep that up especially since they’ll be chasing the puck for 35 of their 45 sec shifts (remember Detroit’s possession and puck control or did you not notice that during all the games you watched?) Detroit has 3 great offensive players vs Pens 3 scoring lines???? WAKE UP and smell the Molson Canadian!!!! I like what I see in the pens also but you have misread this Detroit team and over rated the pens. It’s going to come down to the wire only if Fluery remains on fire. You suggesting Pens in 5 is kind of a silly prediction. I’ll post my prediction with reason when the appropriate thread is started.

  10. NHL Zach on said:

    The Redwings defensive players are impressive, overall better than the Penguins, but defense is not a 2 player responsibility, it’s all five. The Penguins have the lowest goals against percentage of any team, and true they do employ their offensemen to back check. I thought that was part of the game though. Gonchar, Whitney, Scuderi, and Letang make-up a solid defense, But Hal Gill’s accquisition has made the Pens defense strong, and very physical. Part of the reason I’ve come to like the Pens so much is that although Detroit’s D is more skilled, Pittsburgh’s D is more gritty. Both a rough teams but Pittsburgh’s size in the back is too powerful for Detroit.

  11. Pens in 6! Osgood is a great goalie, but i dont think he has face any fire power like the Pens got. Lets go PENS!!!

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