NHL 2008 2nd Round Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions

April 22nd, 2008 | Posted by admin in nhl playoffs

The 2008 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs have made it through the 1st round with some surprise upsets and some sound beatings, including the reigning Stanley Cup champs, the Anaheim Ducks getting beat up in the 1st round. The 2008 2nd Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs should be filled with some great matchups and some exciting hockey. I will offer my 2008 2nd round Playoff predictions below, and my 3rd round predictions and Stanley Cup Final predictions as well, and we’ll see how well my predictions fare. Stay tuned to updates for the NHL Playoffs as well as NHL draft news by subscribing to the Ultimate Hockey Warrior:

Western Conference NHL Playoff 2nd Round MatchUps

1. Detroit Red Wings (defeated Nashville 4-2)
6. Colorado Avalanche (defeated the Minnesota Wild)

A series with 2 very old rivals and one of the main catalysts of the rivalry remains, Kris Draper. If you remember back many years ago when the Avs’ Claude Lemieux hit Draper from behind into the top of the boards face first wrecking Draper’s face and sparking a rivalry that continues to this day. Expect a very tight series, and depending on how Theodore plays, it could be a very low scoring series. In the end the Red Wings depth offensively and defensively wins out. Detroit wins the playoffs series 4-2

2. San Jose Sharks (defeated the Flames 4-3)
5. Dallas Stars (defeated the Ducks 4-2)

The San Jose Sharks were supposed to be the most dangerous team in the NHL coming in to the playoffs. San Jose played uninspired hockey against the Flames and barely escaped with the win in 7 games. The Stars slumped towards the end of the season, but started the 2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs with a bang, destroying the Ducks in 6 games. A couple of keys to this series. Can the Sharks show a spark and use their speed and skill to their advantage? Can the Stars keep getting timely goals from unexpected players? I think this series will go the full 7 games with the Stars coming out on top behind the strength of Marty Turco. Dallas wins the playoffs series 4-3

Eastern Conference NHL Playoff 2nd Round MatchUps

1. Montreal Canadiens (beat Bruins in 7 games)
6. Philidelphia Flyers (beat Capitals in 7 games)

The Canadiens started strong against Boston going 3-1 in the first 4 games. They allowed Boston to win 2 in a row before blowing out the Bruins in Game 7. The Flyers had a tough series against the Capitals after giving up a 3-1 lead, but won the 1st round playoff series in 7 games. I think the Flyers will outmuscle and outlast the Canadiens. Flyers wins the playoffs series 4-2

2. Pittsburgh Penguins (swept Ottawa 4-0)
5. New York Rangers (defeated the Devils 4-1)

Pittsburgh sure made it look easy against the Senators. They only allowed 5 goals in 4 games and scored at will against the Senators. The Rangers dismantled the New Jersey Devils and won easily in 5 games behind strong goaltending from Henrik Lundqvist and a balanced scoring attack from youngsters and veterans. Everyone wanted to see the matchup of Sidney Crosby vs Alexander Ovechkin, especially in a playoff setting. In the end, the Flyers beat the Capitals so we end up with the Rangers against the Penguins. The Penguins are too good of a team and too deep for the Rangers. Pittsburgh wins the playoffs series 4-3

Check out the complete 2nd round Playoff Schedule

Stay tuned to updates for the NHL Playoffs as well as NHL draft news by subscribing to the Ultimate Hockey Warrior.

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17 comments on “NHL 2008 2nd Round Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions

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  2. yah-right on said:

    montreal takes em in 5

  3. Michel on said:

    Here are my predictions:

    Montréal in 6
    Pittsburgh in 7
    Detroit in 6
    San Jose in 6

  4. MTL in 5
    PITT in 6
    DET in 6
    SJ in 7

  5. Claude on said:

    Here are mines :

    Montréal in 6
    Pittsburgh in 6
    Detroit in 7
    Dallas in 7

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  7. Montreal in 7 – Home ice being the winning factor
    NYR in 6 – Too balanced for Pitts
    Detroit in 5
    Dallas in 6

  8. E-Dizzle on said:

    Where do you buy your dope? Because you’re sure smokin’ somethin…
    Montréal in 6 or less:
    Phillie won’t be able to catch ’em on the ice. Montréal learned their lesson in games 5 &6 against the Bruins that if you try to beat up a tougher team, you lose on the score board; but when you out skate ’em, out hustle them and outscore ’em you win on the scoreboard. Once Koimisarek and O’Byrne get a few hits into Brière, he’s finished. Phillie doesn’t have enough of a defence corps to contain Kovalev AND Koivu AND Kostitsyn, AND Plekanec, AND Kostitsin, AND Higgins, AND Smolinski. The bruins played Chara non stop to contain the lines. Here’s how that series played out: Game 3: Boston squeaked the overtime goal in a low-scoring affair.
    Game 5: Carey Price turtled after making a blatently rookie mistake. Game 6: The usual “two left feet” syndrome that any team endures when they insert a new player into the upper-half of the lineup (Koivu & Bouillon). Boston’s Kessel showed up hungry to play and brought all the momentum. The better, more consistent team prevailed – period.
    Rangers in 7
    Pittsburgh is a good team with some good young talent and arguably the hungriest captain of the lot, but the team lacks long-term depth and this is the series above all the others where goaltending will be a major deciding factor and there’s no question that New York has the better Goalie in the playoffs. In the Ottawa-Pittsburgh series, Fleury wasn’t the deciding factor and he will show his lack of playoff experience and his expert choking under pressure skills against the Rangers. There’s too much skill up front on the rangers for the Penguins to compete. Rest assured, however, that Crosby, Malkin, and Hossa will be shut down as much as is possible by the Rangers mediocre defence corps.

    Dallas in 6

    Dallas is the real deal. The addition of Brad RIchards at the trade deadline will prove too much for San Jose to handle. Geez, they had a hard enough time getting past Calgary and it took Jeremy Roenik of all people to step up and get hungry in the seventh game against the seventh-place Flames.
    Nabokov is the better goalie but I don’t think Craig Rivet will be enough to shut down the hungry and diverse Dallas offence.
    Detroit in 5 or less.
    This is the series that will be a complete blowout. Theodore won’t be any match for Detroit’s quick and smart forwards. He’s also proven that he can shut ‘er down in the post season.

    With the exception of the Philly series, I think you’re right with who’ll move on, but the number of games doesn’t represent the styles and strengths of the teams post round 1.


  9. Montreal in 6
    Pittsburgh in 6
    Detroit in 5
    San Jose in 6

  10. my predictions (I was 8 for 8 on winners (not #of games) 1st round)

    philly in 7
    detroit in 5
    Pitts in 6
    SJ 5

  11. I was worried when you said Philly over Montreal…. then I looked at your predictions first round and I am no longer worried.

    I went 6-8 1st round only screwing up the Washington and Anaheim losses… though my number of games was shakey.

    Second Round:

    I have MTL in 6… geez regular season they were 4-0 against them. So Vinny P might give Philly a boost and along with MTL’s anemic PP and Philly’s good PP this will translate into 2 wins by Philly.

    Detroit vs Avs… Detroit in 6. Detroit is strong. But will eventually lose to DAL or SJ.

    The other two series I think are hard to pick.

    NY vs Pitt will be tough. It is a battle of two goalies and in the end Lundqvist wins. NY in 7.

    SJ vs Dallas. I underestimated Dallas and I might as well do it again. SJ in 6.

  12. Fortunately, your first round predictions sucked, which is why I’m not too concerned about you thinking that the “Penguins are too deep for the Rangers.” I could have sworn the Rangers were one of the stingiest teams in the NHL, with a Vezina finalist as their backbone, who easily handled not only the Penguins during the regular season, but a much-better-than-Ottawa Devils team in the first round. Good call though. Rangers in 6.

  13. Jonathan on said:

    Montreal is faster then philly (obviously) but philly is more physical. Montreal wins in game 6 cause philly wont be able to catch them.

    Detroit has strugled in the first two away games with hasek. But Ozzy (Chris Osgood) has proven himself worthy with only allowing 1 goal in 2 and a half games. Even if Jose Theodore plays like he did they still wont have a chance. Although I do think this rivalry spark that it once had. Detroit in 5 games.

    I had my doubts about dallas in the playoff. But they have proven me wrong. SJ on the other hand, they were supposed to have a blowout vs the flames, but calgary took it all the way to game 7. Dallas will have trouble at home but they will pull it through. Stars in game 6.

    And finally Pittsburg and New York. New York is a very balanced team with some pretty experienced players. (Brendan Shanahan, Jaromir Jagr) And Pittsburg got a high powered offense. (Crosby, Malkin, Hossa) But in the end it comes down to the goaltending. York has Henrik and Pitts have Fleury. Which ones better well its Hernrik whom is nominated for the Vezina (I think thats what its called) New York in 7.

  14. A lot of you seem to under-estimate the Flyer’s in the series vs. Montreal… They are a tough team with plenty of offense. Obviously Montreal is the faster team but when it comes to goalies, Biron stands a better chance than Price, and the Canadiens don’t have as much scoring depth as the Flyers.

  15. hey Mike,

    I think our flyer prediction is starting to shed some light around here. btw doug…get back to worrying. Better yet get back to paying attention to these playoff teams. good luck with your 3rd round predictions.

  16. richard roehl on said:

    => after game 2, i’ve been trying to figure out if i should take insurance on my (Montreal + Pittsburgh) win their series’; 50 euros @ 2.42 = 121. (i followed the EA Sports simulation to make these bets; they 8-0 in the 1st round!!).

    well i didn’t “like” the Hab’s game 2; terrible goalie vs great goalie.
    So… i give Montreal 4/10 and Pit 8/10 chances to ‘W’ their series. Based on this i calculated my optimal gain would be “less negative” if i make an insurance bet of 56 @ 2.15 = 121 on Philly .

    hope that helps (me) lol.

  17. Chris on said:

    Mike and Jay, I love the predictions. We fail to realize that if the Flyers hadn’t given up a 2-0 lead in game one it would have been a clean sweep. And the 5 min major in the 3rd game created a decieving score. Philadelphia has really put it to Montreal this series. With the way they are playing it should make for a very interesting series with Pittsburgh.

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