Peter Forsberg Returns from Injury will Play Tonight vs. Wild

March 17th, 2008 | Posted by admin in Canada

Peter Forsberg will play tonight against the Minnesota Wild for the Avalanche.  Forsberg is returning from a groin injury that has kept him out for a week.  Forsberg’s injury is making people wonder how good of shape Peter Forsberg is really in, and if he was a mistake signing by the Avalanche.

Peter Forsberg has scored 2 points so far this season for the Avalanche in a total of 3 games.  Forsberg will be playing his 4th game for the Avalanche tonight, but the real test for Forsberg is can he stay healthy?  Forsberg has a had a long history of injuries due to the way he plays the game, but the Avalanche really need Forsberg to remain healthy just to help get the Avs in to the playoffs.

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