Dean Lombardi Meets w/ Kings Season Seat Holders – State of the Franchise

March 11th, 2008 | Posted by admin in LA Kings

Dean Lombardi held the Los Angeles Kings State of the Franchise meeting with Kings season seat holders on Sunday at the Kings practice facility in El Segundo. Here are some of the main points from the Kings State of the Franchise:

Dean Lombardi discussed his strategy from last off-season when it came to signing free agents. He discussed his reasoning for not picking up Drury, Gomez or Briere. The reasoning certainly makes sense in that they are all small, over-priced and aren’t franchise players and not worth the money. Lombardi is much more interested in drafting players and building a winning team around young, home grown talent instead of a quick free agent fix.

Lombardi: “Until we start drafting and developing our own, we’re not gonna win. When we get ‘em in there NOW I’ll go use free agency. Establish your core with your own identity, your own players, THEN maybe you can add to your core, but if you think you can build your core through free agency you’re headed like the New York Yankees before Jeter. Now matter how much money you’ve got.”

Defense was raised as a the biggest concern by Dean Lombardi to Kings fans. He is worried about having a lack of defensemen that can keep the puck out of the back of the net. Lombardi said that in an ideal world, he would take 3 strong young defensemen over 3 young strong forwards any day. He also talked about the goaltending issue and about the possibility of signed a free agent goalie or making a trade, and in the end there wasn’t a good fit for the team without giving up too much in return. For a Vokoun trade they would have had to give up 1st round pick and Bernier, and for the Pronger deal they would have had to give up Kopitar.

Overall, as a King’s fan, I am very happy with what Lombardi has done for the Kings so far, and I like the direction they are headed in the future. I completely agree with Lombardi in that a successful team is built from the bottom up with home grown talent. Having the players train and play together for years, develop friendships, and learn how to win an battle as teammates will make the Kings a very strong team in the future.

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2 comments on “Dean Lombardi Meets w/ Kings Season Seat Holders – State of the Franchise

  1. Laker on said:

    I actually thought the kings made some good moves last summer, how did they suck so bad this year?


  2. The kings biggest issue is the lack of solid goal tending. You start giving up to many goals and you start to demoralize your team. they made some amazing if not epic come backs this year most notably against Dallas. They had to pull the goalie in order to do it. I think they should trade for an emery from the Sens or a Knhabbibulin (he likes LA choose to play for the Long Beach Ice Dogs over Phoneix) From Chicago. Both teams have to much talent in net.

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